Experience Resort Village

Baenaegol Jangseon Hyu Village

The name Baenaegol comes from the location where wild pear trees grow near the clean small stream. This village boasts a marvelous view because it has not been opened to the public due to the rugged mountain terrain. Located at the foot of Yeongchwisan Mountain, the town is one of the country's few clean environments and will give comfort for those tired of city life. Along with a spectacular view of the sunset, Type 1 Water runs from Ulsan to Yangsan and connects back to Miryang, making visitors come back for a second time. You can also find rare species of fish which only live in Type 1 Water, such as freshwater fish, swiri, Korean torrent catfish, catfish, crawfish, and marsh snail. Local products include maple in the spring, Japanese apricot in the summer, and apple in the fall.

Bangdong Kkotsaemi Village

Jongnamsan, a famous mountain of Miryang, envelops the village like a folding screen. The clean Chamsaemi valley stream runs in front of the village and forms a reservoir. It is a beautiful village full of herbs, wild flowers, and stone towers throughout.

Beesil Yeonkkot Village (Beesil Lotus Village)

Enjoy the fantastic scenery of lotus flowers covering the surface of fourteen hectares of ponds. The ecosystem of the village was restored by growing lotus flowers. The village has been developing products made from lotus which is good as a souvenir.

Binggisil Village

Binggisil Village is a snug little town that consists of 26 households with 45 residents. All the villagers treat each other like family and strive to provide the best service to all guests and visitors. Those who visit the village for the first time will marvel at its beautiful nature and be touched by the villagers warm welcome. It is a village with mixed emotions - admiration and excitement. How about some 'SoHwakHaeng: a small but certain happiness' at Binggisil Village where you can enjoy various activities and revive old memories?

Bitdolbaegi sweet Village

In Bitdolbaegi Village, there is a small hill filled with stones called 'bitdol' and 'baegi', pure Korean words meaning 'below.' Therefore the village formed below the hill is Bitdolbaegi Village. This village, where nature and humans coexist, offers various hands-on educational programs to rediscover the value of farming villages - Picking Agricultural Products in Season (sweet persimmon, strawberry, melon, watermelon, tomato, potato, sweet potato, etc), Rice Paddy School Rice Classroom, Food Tour (sweet persimmon pie, sweet persimmon cupcake, madeleine, etc), Riding Experience (electric vehicle tour, drum train experience), Ecology Tour, Traditional Play Experience, Arts and Craft (air purification plant, napkin art, wood decoration, etc), and a High-Quality Sweet Persimmon Expedition. There are also programs for foreigners introducing the excellence of Korean farming villages to the whole world. World-wide prestigious location, Bitdolbaegi Village. The village offers the feelings of a healthy body and gratitude toward nature, consideration for others, and the feel of a close farming community.

Buchun Village

Buchun Village is beautiful farming village located in Dongbu-myeon, Geoje City at the foot of Nojasan Mountain. 'Buchun Village' was originally called 'Bulgaemi' or 'Buchon' and it refers to the prosperous town with thick forest in Geoje Bongsan, with plenty of water supply and no drought damage. The village grows grapes, Hallabong, Cheonhyehyang, and shiitake mushrooms. Visit Buchun Village and heal your mind and body through various harvest programs.

Byeolcheonji Village

Byeolcheonji Village, a “healing area” with a perimeter of 1,412m where the entire village is surrounded by pine trees and the Byeolcheon Valley is one of the eight scenic views in Haman-gun selected as a special tourist region with a beautiful landscape. Environmentally-friendly grown wild greens and pickled vegetables made of spring greens can be found, as well as the local’s specialty, yakon and dried persimmons which have an outstanding taste. Lastly, the set menu with seasoned wild vegetables is prepared with a variety of ingredients that can only be enjoyed in this mountain village.

Chamkkaebi Village

One of the fairy tale of Dokkaebi is originated in this village. It is also well known for a producer of rice, strawberry and water melon. Make a visit and have a relaxing time.

Cheolsoo Village

Behind Cheolsu Village, Hyoryeombong Peak, which connects Hwangmaesan Mountain, is surrounded like a folding screen, and from now on, it is a beautiful village where streams flow. Not only the natural environment but also the village scenery and humanity can be felt as if they were visiting their hometown as a traditional mountain village. Inside and outside the village, there are abundant tourist resources such as Hyosan Seowon, Cheolsu Reservoir, and Hyoryeombong, and waterfront parks and sports parks are located at the entrance of the village, so there are plenty of things to enjoy.

Cheonggwang Saedeullyeok Village

This village provides various activity programs with camp site, conference room, broadcast studio, busking spot, Hinoki Cypress forest, and swimming pool. The village is a preferred destination of college overnight field trip and company workshop as it is available to accommodate more than 100 people.